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Galacticana Encyclopedia Electronic Data Base is a collection of archives, files, manuels, and catalogs saved during the Swarming of the Frontier by the sathar as they burned our civilization to the ground. In truth I have included anything saved as our computer storage far out strips the content collected to this point. All ships in the fleet have been searched and all records copied even mega corp produce sales catalogs.

Currently the librarians in my staff have been collecting oral histories of the Frontier from before and after the Burning. We will endeavor to preserve everything lest latter generations forget.

Suetonius Laetus, Librarian

The data bases available in the network are:

The Galacticana Encyclopedia

The Pan Galactic Direct Order Catalog & User Manuels

The Capellan Catalog

Some files are only accessible at Alexandria but search inquiries can be routed through library staff.

Classified data requires appropriate clearances.

Main Page

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