Sloo "Hard Case" Harcor

Hard as nails missle tech who usually is the epi-center of illegal trade on board ship.


Grey skinned and sporting a dozen scars, Harcor usually generates his six appendages as 3 legs and 3 arms. His uniform, though correct to the regs, always looks somehow… not. When off duty he sports an unlit cigar and wide brimmed campaign hat.


Harcor was a troubled youth who eventually found his place in the space navy. He’s core belief is that he is duty bound to provide those little amenities that are hard to get aboard ship for his crew mates. Needless to say this habit of supplying contraband aboard ship as well as his habit of pounding on marines while off duty in drinking establishments has lead to his being busted and in the brig numerous times. He has the distinction of being up for chief more than anyone in the service. The only reason he’s still in the service is because he’s incredibly good at his job.

Sloo "Hard Case" Harcor

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