Galacticana Encyclopedia

WIP Campaign Log
Collected Knowledge of the Frontier

Currently the encyclopedia is a work in progress. It was envisioned to be a classic Traveller “Big Ship” campaign taking obvious inspiration from Battle Star Galactica called Frontier In Flames

For now I’m just working on the wiki to compile all the setting information form 3 rule books, all the modules plus the old Dragon Magazine articles & Polyhedron magazine articles, which will be accorded weight in descending order. I will also consider refinements from the Star Frontiersman fan zine which is currently on issue 14 and continues to be published. The goal is to have all the setting information together in one spot in a fully cross referenced wiki as a resource to GM’s and players alike.

Being able to pull together every bit of information on a particular planet will aid a player in writing his character’s background. Having all the available information will make it easier to write detailed backgrounds. The benefits for a GM are time saved, accuracy and I believe, greater creativity.

Not sure I actually want to run a campaign here in this project but let it stand as a resource to all my on line Star Frontiers games. None the less I am currently running a play by post game and play in others so if you wandered by here and were interested in Star Frontiers message me and or check out the forums at as well as for the fan zine. stay tuned as its very likely I will start up a second “campaign” on this site for running star frontiers.


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