Original Preface: The Galacticana Encyclopedia (the Alpha Dawn & Zebulon edition) is the most complete compilation of knowledge concerning Frontier Space. Primary source material is the Alpha Dawn Survey of the Frontier, the Knight Hawks Flight Manuel, and Zebulon’s Guide to the Frontier. Secondary sources, include but are not limited to The Volturnus Missions Reports, the Star Frontiersman magazine, the History of the Dramune War, and etc.

New Preface: The Galacticana Encyclopedia is a database of archives and files saved during the swarming of the Frontier by the Sathar in what should be more properly referred to as Satharmeggedon rather than the Thrid Sathar War, as now nothing remains. The whole Frontier and Rim were burned in the furnace of sathar spawned genocide. This archive has gaping holes but we have done our best to save what we could so that later generations would not forget where we came from or what we built. Perhaps one day we will be able to return and avenge our lost worlds and our dead.

Galacticana Encyclopedia