Suetonius Laetus, Head Librarian

A short balding man with a stoop, often talks or mumbles to himself while writing (often writing)


Suetonius Laetus was a quiet, efficient member of the Port Loren Public Library staff on the day the Third Sathar War started. He’s credited with coining the term, Satharmeggedon to describe the war but in latter years began to refer to it as the Burning.

Suetonius being the most experienced librarian among the survivors rescued from the flames of the Frontier became the Head Librarian for the fleet and organized the Alexandria Project to preserve as much as possible for future generations. He takes personal pride in the Encyclopedia Galacticana database. He is also the most knowledgeable scholar in the Fleet and oversees the meager research capable of being done on the Alexandria.

His titles include Head Librarian and Fleet Librarian but he simply refers to himself as a librarian.

Suetonius Laetus, Head Librarian

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